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Watching videos is interesting and helpful, but there is absolutely no substitute for live, in-person training class. To be able to show an instructor what is on my computer screen and to request support on the steps toward executing a bracket order is invaluable, and so beneficial! It’s really the ideal way to learn and get in person coaching. Our class was very flexible in that we were able to go slower and repeat lesson concepts as needed. We were also able to speed up when everyone else understood a market strategy. Learning with other students – allows us all to learn from each other – and the questions asked by various students provided a very robust learning environment. There was not a single question that went unanswered by our very knowledgeable instructors.

Raman Kothari – Noida

Derivative Trading is a very new area of my trading experience. This Course was a real surprise for me as it exceeded all my expectations. I was amazed how clearly they explaining such a complex subject of trading can. Kudos to the whole team for this fantastic course content and the explanations. Real time trades are the bonuses.

Mr.Ashwin Gupta – New Delhi

I was into trading for many years, but most of the time i lost due to poor money and risk management kills. After going through loads of stuff on web, I came to know that hedging techniques are the best to protect your capital and also to make profits. Somehow i came across Dr. Rahul Tiwari Financial Academy and trust me guys there is a lot of information which will teach you how to manage. I started making good profits in less than a week.  I thank DRRTFA team for responding to all the queries immediately and guiding me. Every penny I spent here is worth it.

Mr.SushilDoshi-Navi Mumbai

I am blessed to have all my queries solved immediately, which helped me to improve my knowledge and confidence. To be very frank, after joining this course, I am less stressed even though I have an open position overnight, which used to leave me with sleepless nights previously.

It is very informative to have the discussion with Dr.rahul sir from time to time explaining the running position and its effects along with the probability of making profits.. Thank you once again Sir ji, and the DRRTFA team, for the wonderful course and great effort.

Mrs.Sneha Gill – Chandigarh

This class was very, very helpful and Dr.rahul Tiwari is a great instructor. The DRRTFA and their staff run a very professional centre and are interested in the success of each student. While the classes are a sizable investment you are not alone and the DRRTFA family will do all, they can to make you successful at trading.

Jeevan Chatterjee –   Kolkata

This program exceeded every one of my expectations. It provided a level of understanding of markets I just could not have gotten anywhere else. That understanding now is an appreciation for how simple rules can be used to better understand complex movements. I realize I am not at the end of this journey, but now at least am at the best beginning I could hope for, and….I HAVE A MAP of SUCCESS!!!!!!!

John Seth – panji Goa

Hi, my name is Vijay Singh and I’m completely new to trading. It’s always been something that felt too complex for me to take the risk of trying to guess what a particular stock would do so I stayed away. However, since beginning my journey with DRRTFA, they have very logical and practical approaches to trading and has a great program to bring along anyone with any level of experience. I’m excited about this next phase of my investing journey.”

Vijay Singh – Bangalore

Our current educational system in india provides you with skills and knowledge to work for someone else, But at some point in your life you that situation may change; voluntarily or involuntarily. DRRTFA teaches you what you really need to know to understand how the financial markets really work and how to use that information make a living for yourself and/or protect and grow what you have saved and invested. Knowledge is power.

Sitaramanreddy – Hyderabad

This course was an excellent introduction to futures and options trading. Much time was spent working with the trading platform to drive home the understandings necessary to plan and execute these trades at home, after the class is over. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who thinks they’d like to learn how to trade futures and options.

Gopinath – Trivandrum – Kerala

Dr. Rahul tiwari was not only entertaining but he brought real life situations and actual real life problems and solutions by using examples to the class. Most of all he is the first instructor that I have had that spends time on breaks, lunch, after class and anytime with any and all students on a one on one or group question and answer sessions. GREAT TEACHER that know his stuff backwards and forwards. Thanks Rahul!

kushverma – Bhopal

I am really grateful for the tremendous growth and knowledge I’ve gained over the past three days. It’s one of the best investments of financial education for a better financial future. Other team members were so helpful and encouraging.

Gaganpreetsingh – Patna

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