Dr. Rahul Tiwari, Master Trader & Expert Coach​

A Good Mentor Is Essential For The Success Of Any Individual To Really Achieve What Others Only Dream Off.

HE is Empowering People

He Is Driving An Investor And Trader Awareness Program For The Common People So That They Empower Themselves And Become Independent.

Key Of Financial Freedom

His Key For Achieving Financial Freedom For An Individual Lies Inside His Own Belief And Hard Work.

His Philosophy

His Philosophy Includes That A Person Has To Be Responsible For His Own Investments Through Proper Knowledge Of His Own.

His Experience

He Has An Overseas Experience (UK, Norway, France, Germany, USA, Russia) Of 18 Years Of Successful Investing And Trading.

his Experience & Qualification

18 Years Of Overseas Experience (United Kingdom, Norway, France, Germany, USA, Russia)

 M.Tech. (B.H.U.) – Gold Medalist
 M.S. (Heriot-Watt University) – United Kingdom
 Ph.D.- (Germany)

what makes him distinguish

He Trade Live Infront Of All His Fellow Trader & Investor. He Runs His Trading Room every day.

He Is Known For His Rule-Based Style Of Trading And Investing.


His Vision Is To Develop And Nurture Successful Traders All Over World And To Break All The Myths About Stock Market Trading And Investing.

All The Trainings Will Be Mentored By Dr. Rahul Tiwari, Who Will Be Your Torch Bearer Until You Succeed.

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